Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dealing with menstruation..


Most girls are not taught to deal with menstruation in a natural healthy way, and so they grow into women who have trouble dealing with their periods. I am one of those who suffer from unbearable pain during menstruation.When a girl is born, it is normal to expect that she will go through menstruation and then eventually through menopause.

By saying that most girls are not taught to deal with menstruation in a natural healthy way, I am talking of the manner that girls have towards their period. I asked myself, as a mother do I have to teach my daughter the joy of growing up to be a woman, or shall I pass on her my own negative beliefs about menstruation? My daughter will most often get her ideas about women, and the roles and responsibilities of women from the prominent woman in her own life, me- her mother.

Quite simple, menstruation is the doorstep where a female makes a shift from girlhood to womanhood. It’s a healthy part of being a woman.Throughout my life, I manipulate my menstrual cycles, by taking pills, to bring forward or postpone the cycle, to avoid pregnancy etc. but these eventually ruined with my health. Though the menstrual cycle is such a natural part of being a woman, still I have a tough time simply accepting it.

While there are many remedies available to ease these transitions, I feel they will be easily made if you are ready to accept them as part of life. Make it a habit, quite early in life to listen to what your body is telling you. Follow your cycles. You will know instinctively when there is a change. Look at each cycle as a message that all is functioning according to nature in your bodies. Greet each period with joy. Relax, take it easy. Just do what it takes to pamper yourself, you deserve it. Because when the mind is prepared to accept change, it can make things very simple for the body.


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